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The best newsletters for developers
harley Ferguson

Considering you're reading my newsletter, I'm going to guess that you also find immense value in reading newsletters.

They are highly informative, help keep you up to date with what's happening in our industry and allow you to gain further learnings from your favourite creators.

Just like you, I love to learn and grow my knowledge. This issue is purely about sharing the newsletters that I'm reading each week and why I find them so valuable.

Let's dive in.


Dane Mackier, a very close friend and better known as "The Flutter Guy", is the owner and operator of FilledStacks.

Besides being a weekly newsletter where Dane shares the best tips for Flutter developers, FilledStacks is also a highly successful YouTube channel where Dane teaches everything he's learned through years of using and building with Flutter.

As the co-founder of Origen Software, an innovative development agency, we use a lot of Flutter to build applications for our clients and partners. Dane's content, tutorials and advice has been incredibly valuable to us and has helped us make some of the best applications out there.

If you're also in the Flutter space or are looking to expand to Flutter (you really should), Dane is the first person you need to be following.

The Open Letter

Renier Kriel is the founder and curator of The Open Letter, a local newsletter that acts as your one-stop-shop for startup, business and tech conversations.

The Open Letter has issues every Tuesday and Thursday morning, which should always couple well with your morning cup of coffee.

As a player in the local start-up scene, both through Origen Software and my time advising other start-ups, The Open Letter is invaluable and I'd highly suggest that you sign up too. You can do that here.

I was featured in the latest edition of The Open Letter which was a lot of fun to put together.

The Modern Software Developer

Richard Donovan is the career coach I always wanted. Richard's goal is to help empower developers through mindset coaching and training.

Richard is an incredibly honest and open individual who shares all of his struggles and successes when it comes to having a healthy mindset, being a productive developer and finding balance in your life.

Richard's newsletter, The Modern Software Developer, helps extend and expand on Richard's message of looking after yourself and how best to do that.

Real Talk JS

Brian Jenney is the JavaScript brother I never had. I recently recorded an episode for my upcoming podcast, The 10X Podcast, with Brian and we really got to geek out quite a bit about JavaScript and React.

Brian is a seasoned developer, currently operating as senior engineering manager, who focuses on teaching early-stage developers the fundamentals of JavaScript.

As someone who loves all things frontend, Brian's newsletter helps keep me in tip-top shape when it comes to writing great JavaScript code.

Real Talk JS has new issues every few weeks.

Level Up In Software Engineering

Level Up In Software Engineering is a weekly newsletter written by Caleb Mellas. Caleb is a tech lead who has a built a hugely successful career for himself. From having his own consultancy to being a part of the core team of Wisely that was sold for nearly $200 million in 2021, Caleb has done it all.

Caleb is on a mission, similar to myself, to help teach and educate developers on how to grow their careers through mindset shifts, leadership approaches and how to be an awesome person to your team and client.

Caleb's insights are truly valuable and he has written some great newsletter issues. A personal favourite of mine was "Supercharge your career growth" which I think will really help so many developers.

Go join his newsletter and follow him on LinkedIn too for some of the best pieces of advice that all developers can make use of.

That's it for now.

Go sign up to those newsletters immediately and start learning.

See you again next week.